Gesher Music Festival

  • August 22, 2015 • 2 PM
  • E. Desmond Lee Concert Hall

Gesher postcard


The 2015 Gesher Music Festival takes a journey through the beautiful and powerful music of THE DEGENERATES, whose artistic creativity thrived during one of history’s darkest eras. “From Degenerate to Hollywood” explores the music of four composers who went from being shunned in Europe to celebrated in America. When the Nazis began censoring artists and declaring their works “degenerate”, many artists fled Europe and ended up in Hollywood. After escaping to safety, a handful of Europe’s most serious and progressive composers found themselves writing music for films. Tickets include two drinks.

EISLER 7 Elegien from “Hollywooder Liederbuch”
GOLDSCHMIDT Retrospectrum for String Trio
KORNGOLD Songs of a Clown
SCHOENBERG Verklaerte Nacht

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